Granola Games is a division of ATBOSH Media Limited and is affiliated with Lemming Labs Limited.

Originally, the Granola Games was website created an a ‘unofficial’ (but with permission) interactive gallery of the Video Game Design projects of Jared Bendis’ students at The Cleveland Institute of Art and Case Western Reserve University but it has expanded to include games designed by Mr. Bendis or published by Mr. Bendis.  Mr. Bendis’ mobile apps are all published via Lemming Labs Limited.

Game Design is generally a team sport.  Game Design students at CIA start building team games their Junior year. During the 2013/2014 academic year a new approach was taken, designed to teach students to be more self-sufficient in their design (& development) of video game projects based on the Golden Age of Arcade Games. Mostly Space Invaders & Pac-Man.

The games are created in GameMaker: Studio are presented here as desktop browser playable via HTML5.

I suggest this controller
and the Joy2Key software for Windows.