Menschkeit: The Board Game

Granola Games (A division of ATBOSH Media Ltd.) is designing a new Yiddish themed humorous board game, and we need YOUR help!

The saying goes: “Two Jews, Three Opinions” Crowdsourcing is the embodiment of the Yiddish spirit and with that I need your help! Just a little bit of wit and wisdom. And for this help, you will forever be thanked in our wall of fame and in the instructions!

In the game you venture through life doing good deeds (Mitzvahs) avoiding being the clumsy Shlemiel or his unlucky recipient, the Shlimazel. Have good fortune (Mazel) fall upon you and be the first to become a true Mensch in Menschkeit: The Board Game!

Remember to use all your favorite Yiddish and Jewish phrases, such as (but not limited to): nasherai, farkakte, bubbeleh, chazerei, bissel, bubkes, nosh, dreck, shmegege, shmendrik, nebbish, noodge, klutz, farklemt, keppe, macher, megillah, mamzer, meshuggener, meshugaas, mishegoss, mishpocha, nachas, nudnik, plotz, punim, putz, schlep, schmooze, schmo, schnorrer, shmatte, shpilkes, tuchas, tummel, yente, verklempt.

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