Maze Chase – aka PacMan

Students were asked to develop a video game based on the story/metaphor:

You are a _____ in a _____ with walls of _____ collecting _____ while avoiding _____ you power up with _____ which causes _____.

You are a HERO in a WORLD with walls of WALLS collecting COLLECTIBLES while avoiding ENEMIES you power up with POWERUPS which causes SOME SPECIAL ABILITY.

Example: You are a SHARK in the SEA with walls of CORAL collecting FISH while avoiding DOLPHINS you power up with BABY SEALS which causes DOUBLE POINTS.

Please read the instructions to see what each power-up does!

The games are best experienced in Firefox with a magnification of 100%.

All games posted with permission.

Please note: These are student projects produced by students under time and resource constraints. While the games may have a flaw or two they all are playable and most are very fun!

* Semester Highlight

Cleveland Institute of Art – Spring 2020

Cleveland Institute of Art – Spring 2014