Rail Shooter – aka Space Invaders

Students are asked to develop a video game based on this story/metaphor:

You are a _____ in a _____ shooting _____ at _____ that are shooting ______ {while optionally attacking or defending _____ }.

You are a HERO in a WORLD shooting HERO PROJECTILES at ENEMIES that are shooting ENEMY PROJECTILES {while optionally attacking/defending BASE (yours or theirs)}.

You are a PORCUPINE in THE WOODS shooting QUILLS at RACOONS that are shooting PINE CONES while DEFENDING YOURSELF.

Note: All games use the same controls – arrow keys to move and space to fire.

All games are “one level games” – when you clear a level you start the level over – you play until you lose all your lives.

The games are best experienced in Firefox with a magnification of 100%.

All games posted with permission.

Please note: These are student projects produced by students under time and resource constraints. While the games may have a flaw or two they all are playable and most are very fun!

Also note: Technically these are “fixed” shooters and not “rail” shooters but… 🙂

* Semester Highlight

Cleveland Institute of Art – Spring 2020

Cleveland Institute of Art – Spring 2014