Rail Shooter – aka Space Invaders

Students are asked to develop a video game based on the story/metaphor:

You are a _____ in a _____ shooting _____ at _____ that are shooting ______ {while optionally attacking or defending _____ }.

You are a HERO in a WORLD shooting HERO PROJECTILES at ENEMIES that are shooting ENEMY PROJECTILES {while optionally attacking/defending BASE (yours or theirs)}.

You are a PORCUPINE in THE WOODS shooting QUILLS at RACOONS that are shooting PINE CONES while DEFENDING YOURSELF.

Note: All games use the same controls – arrow keys to move and space to fire.

All games are “one level games” – when you clear a level you start the level over – you play until you lose all your lives.

Clown Combat by Joseph Broady

/Ko/ommando Kaos by Matthew Chang

Battle of the Classics by Tucker Click

Guardian’s Endeavor by Michael Grant

Picnic Panic! by Zachary Kadish

Calvin vs. Hobbes by Gloria Lee

Protect your forest! by Danyu Liu

Calamari Escape by Rachel Manning

Disregard the Constabulary! by William Turner

The Happy Violin Beginner by Margaret Wang

The Storm by Elizabeth Ye

Archerborne by Grant Zarrinmakan

Case Western Reserve University – CWRU – Summer 2018

Cleveland Institute of Art – 2014

Pesky Pinecones by Henri Calderon


Printer Rebel by Fidel Salvador Medrano


Guts by Max Yeager


No Cameras Allowed by Lizzy Wise


Origami Defense by Margaret Li


Rebel Run by Sterling Jones


Extermination by Madison Wygonski


Crysis in The City by Craig Waterman