The following games were produced in the ARTS 286 Introduction to Video Games summer course at Case Western Reserve University.

This intensive 6-week summer session was intended to give students a holistic approach to their game design. While each student was creating a traditional “rail shooter” the challenge was, in addition to learning to code the game, to create a “fun” and cohesive game through code as well as through the selection and/or creation of graphics, fonts, music, and sound f/x.  For most students, this was their first studio art class. Students were allowed to use images and audio from the public domain (or properly licensed materials) and for of the games are an “ode to what I could make with clip-art”.

In the end the player should ask themselves one critical question: Am I having fun?

Note: All games use the same controls – arrow keys to move and space to fire.

No Hard Fillings

Police Pursuit


Operation Walleye

Subway Rider

The Forest Election

Frog Grasshopper Game

Cow Chronicles

Heifer Heist

Feline Revolution

Take them down!

The Wild Classroom