Platformer – aka Mario Brothers

Note: This project was originally intended to be a multi-screen platformer like Donkey Kong – but the students asked if they could go Mario instead.  The results were mixed.  Everyone had a good idea but it added a level of complexity that none of us were ready for (in the time allotted) and most of the games didn’t run in HTML5 because of performance & optimization issues.  What is presented here are 4 games that best demonstrate the idea of the project.  They can be slightly slow to load and aren’t “perfect” (they have bugs) but please remember these are all solo endeavors from Sophomore students executed over only a few weeks.

Students were asked to develop a video game based on the story/metaphor:

You are a _____ trying to reach _____ {optionally shooting _____ } while collecting _____ and avoiding _____ {optionally shooting _____ } in a _____ with platforms made of _____.

You are a HERO trying to reach GOAL shooting HERO PROJECTILES while collecting COLLECTIBLES and avoiding ENEMIES shooting ENEMY PROJECTILES in a WORLD with platforms made of PLATFORMS.

Example: You are a CHEF trying to reach A CUSTOMER shooting FIREBALLS while collecting FRENCH FIRES and avoiding POTATOES (that shoot NOTHING) in SPACE with platforms made of ONION RINGS.


Hot Potato


Mission: Extermination


Bandit Run


The Ghastly Adventures of Gribbly the Ghoul

(Won’t run in HTML5 – this is a Windows EXE)